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GO Science supplies Mobile Sensor Grid services and products to Oil & Gas major customers in UK and overseas. Furthermore the Company serves blue chip multi-national clients operating in Defence and Homeland Security business sectors.

Our customers gain competitive advantage by automation and economy of scale in knowledge acquisition through deployment of high fidelity sensors, arranged either individually or in groups as information nodes being coupled to low energy, low signature, low cost robotic vehicles, all in vast numbers.

Each robotic vehicle has autonomy and is pre-programmed to form a capable transport node within a flexible mobile sensor grid, providing for substantial persistence, precision, resilience, resolution and tempo.

GO Science offers innovative Mobile Sensor Grid solutions in seismic exploration, life of field extension, undersea asset integrity inspection and survey, acoustic arrays, electro-magnetic arrays, surveillance, communications and ocean sensing.

Our patented mobile sensor grid solutions offer dramatic savings in time and money when compared to legacy technology using manual deployment methods. Using automated deployment methods developed by GO Science, large grids of 1000 or more sensors may be launched and be fully operational within 24 hours, perhaps less than a tenth of the time that would used by legacy methods.

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